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Amino Acid based nutrition.

De-bunking the protein myth.

By providing consumer-specific amino acid blends. Not all proteins are the same. 

Delicious shakes and blends.

Business Expansion Network

1. Find and acquire products

Our networks have proven time and time again to make businesses grow fast and steadily whilst making retailers, investors and workers gain residuals. All products on this site are available for purchase for production which will be sold by our network of retailers. 

2. Products retail internationally

The products you purchase will be given to a member or members of our retail network which will either sell in stores or from peer to peer, providing thousands of people in many countries the opportunity to make a living without having to make a big investment. Considering a lot of people are very much eager to work but do not have the means to purchase an inventory, this method has not only make manufacturing extremely inexpensive for us but has put massive amounts of products on the streets and created tons of new job opportunities.

3. Profits

Products are selling at an excitingly and positively alarming rate, we are basically unable to manufacture products as quickly as we can retail them. 

It takes in average 3 months for our retailers to sell lots of products which translates to returns on investments in as little as 30 days and 6 months maximum, returns that average %180 profit leaving profit margins of as high as %30 to the investor and %15 minimum depending on the country of sale and product after costs.