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What we do at Valley Summit

Starting with the burst of the dot com bubble, we immediately knew that the way markets were behaving was nothing more than speculation and that business who took advantage over the internet would sore and expand to reach markets they could never reach before. We took advantage of international online markets and physical presence to, with our teams and business models, help businesses thrive and surpass their sales and exposure.

To this day and now more than ever, with our highly experienced local team and our superb international network, we provide new and thriving businesses that we believe have potential to become outstanding, global class tools, advisory and support to reach nation wide markets, international presence, and even buyout opportunities for leading projects.

How we work

After thoroughly reviewing a business plan of a company or startup that wants our infrastructure to work along with them, our team will invite representatives of the company to discuss needs and desires and after a meeting or more, if we decide we are a good match then an specific team of our members will be designated to support the venture's needs and goals.  

Our track records

We are one hundred percent results driven. We create brands, products and tactics that constantly bring positive numbers to both our team, businesses and ventures we work with, the companies we operate entirely, and most important, the people all over the world who work hard with us promoting our brands and products.

Our values

Since the beginning of our first investments on businesses and companies, all of the ventures we work with are directed in responsible development, a concept that we stand by entirely that among many other things we: use the most amount of renewable resources in manufacturing processes. Allocate revenue percentages to the study and development of health, science, arts and education. Create jobs, both in and outside the United States. 

Our Teams and Tasks

San Francisco, California

Management,  Account Acquisitions, Finance, Venture Management, Marketing, Logistics, Human Resources, Design 

San José, Costa Rica

Customer Service, Technical Support, Finance, Manufacturing

Global Agents

Retail, Networking, Wholesale, Promotions.

Our Brands and Companies

Live Condoms

Live Condoms

World class quality condoms of varied textures and sizes. Very little non-latex odor.

Condom Protector

Condom Protector

Condom cases and holders for a discreet carry of protections.

Vaporizer Technologies

Vaporizer Technologies

Health and well being herbal vaporizers. 

All Amino

All Amino

Amino-Acid based nutrition and supplements. 

Alpha Tech Research

Alpha Tech Research

Cloud based computing, storage and file sharing.

EXO Preservativos (Condoms)

Condom brand in Latin american countries and other non-English speaking countries; Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium.

Our Vision: What makes our companies succeed?

We create and modify brands that are memorable, that serve a purpose, that creates and suit needs but most importantly that help causes, that create jobs, in the US and internationally, companies that give people hope and exciting emotions. We give others the chance of saying instead of "I wish I could be a part of that", say "I am a part of this". 

Become a part of the venture.

Accredited Investors:

SEC regulations allow accredited investors to directly invest in new ventures. Please contact us directly for more information on how to acquire equity on companies and be a direct promoter of the businesses we work with. 

Companies looking for investment:

After a review of a formal business plan, the decision to work with, promote and fund your company or idea can take as little as 30 days.

How to profit from networks and ventures:

For non accredited investors we have the option to become a part of our multiple projects by acquiring products that will be retailed on national and international markets by hard working people who are motivated to receive more products to resell and make a profitable, fair living.

For more information on this, visit our Venture Expansion Network info site: 

Request callback:

We will be glad to answer questions via phone.

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