Spreading Safe Sex awareness through international campaigns and products.

Valley Summit: Together For Good.

About our project:

For the people:

As information about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy is more available with today's technologies, it would be easy to think that people are more conscious about the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse. 

Numbers show the exact opposite.

People are engaging in sexual activity now more often than ever before and with more partners than 10 years ago.

Unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are raising at an alarmingly fast rate and it is our goal at Valley Summit to give everyone the right tools and knowledge to become educated and equipped with the power to engage the decision of having sexual relations while minimizing the risk of adverse or unwanted consequences.

What we do

At Valley Summit we create campaigns with products that are in vogue with popular culture. By manufacturing and marketing products that are modern, fashionable and simple we are being able to reach a broader audience and educate those we reach with our message of importance of being safe when making sexual related decisions.

Different than most campaigns out there for social help and focused to make a positive change that rely solely on donations and external help, we also create products and retail them, it is our goal to have, more than donors and supporters, investors that will be able to gain profits by helping us develop our products and campaigns while forming part of a sincere project that desires to change lives and reduce the number of people around the world who will struggle with the consequences of engaging unprotected sexual relations.

Donations that come to us are used for the development and manufacturing of products which are then given away in their most basic forms to users all across the world, as marketing media and educational material. Once products are given away, those who receive it are familiarized with our brands and then become loyal to it and can purchase our products through network retailers worldwide. 

Our Approach

Currently we subcontract the manufacturing of most of the products and tools we use for our campaigns. As our campaigns grow, we will be manufacturing more and more products until we are able to reduce costs to minimum and be able to allocate more resources to have more people share our messages and provide more people who can't really afford condoms and other sexual health products and educational material with them.

Since the beginning of our first financial and resource investments on businesses and companies, all of the campaigns we work with are directed in Responsible Development, a concept we stand by entirely where we, among many other things: 

  • Use the most amount of renewable resources in manufacturing processes. 
  • Allocate revenue percentages to the study and development of health, science, arts and education. 
  • Create jobs, both in and outside the United States.

Our Teams


Corporate, Business Management, Design Team, Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing

Costa Rica

Customer Service, Manufacturing, Technical Support, Finance


Retail, Networking, Distribution centers

Brands that spread awareness.

Discreet and portable condom storage and protection.

Highest quality electronically tested condoms

Condom brand for Latin America and Europe, with presence in mostly countries that speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian as main language.


The Business Expansion Network is a concept we have created with the purpose of maximizing growth and revenue for our projects. 

Our mission with the Business Expansion Network is to utilize all available forms of marketing and retailing in conjunction, to optimize exposure and create recognizable products worldwide, for this we use the inexhaustible power of Spokespeople.

Our vision is to have thousands of specialized individual retailers, whom we call Spokesperson, for each of our brands, sharing and communicating our products benefits and knowledge, experience and feedback back and forth between end-buyer and our development team to create and improve products that sell quickly, vastly and repeatedly, constantly generating great profits for all parties involved; us as development team, our investors and our Spokespeople, all whilst providing our clients with great products and overall satisfaction.

Spokespeople have proven time and time again to be happy to share our brands because they make a great living from it, by creating their small, and sometimes quite large, networks of buyers, and more importantly because spreading knowledge and awareness is a value our Spokespeople share.

Once a Spokesperson has a proven track record of gaining loyal users of our brands and a solid network they can become sponsored by a Patron to have more resources and inventory to have a bigger business.

You too can profit from being a Spokesperson or Patron.

You can easily become a Patron or sponsor to profit from individual certified retailers worldwide by providing them more products to have in stock and market.

(Available only in the United States)

If you would like to sell products from our brands, feel free to contact us to learn how to become a Spokesperson and get products shipped to you.

(Available in Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia)

Become a Patron with as little as $735.00

  • Payment secure by PayPal, Valley Summit does not store payment information or details.
  • $735.00 ea
  • 1 Minimum
  • 10 Maximum with renewal every 90 days
  • To become a Patron of more than 10 people please contact us.

Our Guarantee to Patrons

30 Day Full Money Back

If within the first 30 days of you becoming a Patron you decide you changed your mind just give us a call and we will return you your sponsorship in full.

(Profits generated during those 30 days will be forfeited. Please allow 10-15 business days for funds to be returned.)

90 Day Sales

We only take as many Patrons as product we have to allocate acording to demand, we do not over-manufacture, which means we cycle our inventory and sell quickly our stock, typically within 1 to 3 months.

5 to 50 % Profits

Profits will split in 3 equal parts between you the Patron, the Spokesperson and Valley Summit. Average profits from retail sales are within 10 to 50 percent, which means 3 to 15 percent profits per sponsorship within 90 days.  

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Become an Investor for Valley Summit's brands and products.

Own stake in our brands

More than someone who is seeking to invest funds, we search for investors who are also actively willing to be a part of the businesses we own and operate and have intellectual value to offer. 

If you are an accredited investor (as per SEC compliance) looking for more information on how to own assets of our ventures please request a callback below. 

Request a callback


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